Saturday, September 16, 2006

2 years in blogging

Two years ago, on 16 Sep 2004, boredom from having to stay at home so as to recover from a wisdom-teeth surgery somehow prompted me to search for activities to do, and I chanced upon This was how I started out blogging.

Naturally, my first post on this blog community is related to wisdom teeth and boredom.

Today is the second anniversary of this blog, so I suppose it is worth a mention. Thank you for the fellowship that fellow bloggers and readers have been showering to yours truly.


pinkie said...

happy 2nd anniversary!

mistipurple said...

ah. it's been 2 years i've known you in blogland! happy anniversary!

Jason Heath said...

Congrats on two years of blogging! I enjoy reading your blog very much.

Simple American said...

Happy anniversary. Hope you feel better. Ouch!

Healing hug.

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you folks. :)