Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mesmerised by Music

This morning, I just felt an urge to hum. To hum some tunes. It is as if the words in this world are not sufficient to fully express the feelings and thoughts that run through my mind. But music can do so!

In the late afternoon, I had double bass lesson with MJ. Double bass lessons are fun and full of things to learn. Today's lesson focused on the left-hand technique. MJ constantly checked and corrected the shape of my left-hand. My left thumb often had the bad habit of being placed at the wrong angle and that had actually affected the dexterity of my playing. As such, part of the lesson worked on getting me to be more aware of my left thumb and on placing it at a more natural angle.

The good news is that I can clearly hear the improvements in my playing. Compared to the version that I have played during my grade 8 music exams, my rendition of the first and second movements of Marcello's Sonata in g minor today sounds better and more musical.

I guess that writing about the differences in the two rendition can't truly get the idea across. You might have to hear and compare the two renditions. However, my apologies that I do not have any recording devices to record my playing on the double bass as yet. I can only wish that either I get a hefty end-of-the-year-bonus or I win a grand-prize in some lucky draw, then I can happily have enough money to be willing to buy a recording device? Wish me luck. By the way, what kind of recording device is good for recording the sounds of the double bass?

Anyway, some hours of this weekend shall be spent on practising. Music can mesmerise one, doesn't it?

At 8 p.m. today, music theory lesson started. I spent a bit of time correcting some of the mistakes that I have made in the assignment that I had done over the past weekend. The music theory tutor told me that I should spend more time working on the sections related to Harmony. As such, I was instructed to take time to correct the mistakes that I have made in this particular Harmony-related section. It seems like Harmony is an important component in the learning of music theory?

Whatever it is, I can remember that I felt fairly hungry by the end of the 45-min music theory lesson. I had no time to take my dinner!

I had Japanese food for dinner at about 9 p.m. If you have been following my blog closely enough, you should be able to make a correct guess at where I have taken my dinner tonight.

I was quite famished and was muttering my orders such that it took a while before the staff at the counter understood me. Anyway, I ordered the Sashimi Special Set. I like the sashimi. It certainly tasted nice this evening, especially when my mind was full of tunes and musical thoughts.


mistipurple said...

i admire your tenacity to sticking to your tasks. :)
do have a good rest this evening.

pinkie said...

bet the feeling is good treating yourself a good meal :)

Simple American said...

Sounds like a good day for you. Yay! Learning is encouraging, right?

As far as recording devices a microphone should not be too pricey. Just get one that you matches the computer's jack. Then have a software that can record what you play. Ask the music shops, which ones are good. I really don't know. I am a bargain bin shopper myself on these typese of things. So it is hit or miss on how good they work. But the music shops ought to be able to give you a good insight.