Friday, September 01, 2006

This week with music

Double bass sectional was held this Wednesday evening. Double bass sectionals are worth looking forward to. At the very least, there is much delight to be derived from learning to play as an ensemble and to understand how to play the passages from the orchestral works more musically.

The "Storm" section from the Beethoven's 6th symphony is still something I have yet to manage to play decently. The golden words are: Practice, Practice and Practice.

Yesterday afternoon, I finally made purchases for the season tickets to Singapore Symphony Orchestra's (SSO) concerts for year 2006/7. Obviously, I am quite a loner, I've bought only one single ticket for myself to most of concerts that I will be attending. Then again, it might be better. I find it fairly hard to find good company who would be free to catch certain concerts with me.

I am hoping that the concert on 29 Sep 06: The Creation, would be a good one. That should be the first SSO concert that I will be listening to for the new season.

In the late afternoon yesterday, I had double bass lessons with MJ.

We continued to work on basic techniques. I worked a fair bit on the right-hand techniques. One of the tasks required was to bow and achieve a fairly even tone throughout ever single note of the G major scale. I was asked to aim to make all bow changes as inaudible as possible. This may sound easy, but it takes a lot of practice to master.

MJ also spotted a bad habit of mine. Strangely, I have a tendency to move my left-elbow before I move my left-hand when making shifts in positions. MJ said that the natural way is to move the hand first, before the elbow. I think it would help if I practise making shifts in positions in front of a mirror.

During the lessons, MJ shared with me that for certain works, I need not need to work too hard. For example, I have a tendency to use a lot of force to stop the notes when I play the Marcello's Sonata in g minor. I was told that the effect was ungainly as the notes that weren't meant to be accented felt as if someone had use a hammer to produce those notes. I shall learn to go easy where needed.

Right after double bass lesson with MJ, I took a cab to go for music theory class. This week's music theory class focuses on the subject of elementary modulation.

I attempted to do one of the exercises in the chapter. I did fairly well according to the tutor. My homework for the weekend would be four more exercises on the subject of elementary modulation.

Strangely coincidental, yesterday, both MJ and my music theory tutor suggested that I could consider a career in music. How is life like for someone who has a career in music, specifically as performing musician?

I enjoy experiencing an in-the-flow experience while playing music well. I have been playing the double bass as a hobby but I am not sure if it would be motivating enough for me to play double bass full-time as a musician.

Anyway, tomorrow my instrument should be ready for collection from the Luthier. I am looking forward to practising on it. One of the best way to learn is to practice and to apply.


Simple American said...

Sounds like things are going well for you. Have a wonderful weekend PY. HUGS!!!

mistipurple said...

i hope you will get to play with the SSO one day.

Jason Heath said...

The storm from Beethoven 6 is pretty much impossible (at least for me!), isn't it?

oceanskies79 said...

SA: Thanks. You too.

MistiL Oh, ok, though playing with SSO has not come strongly on my mind.

Jason: It is. My tutor who teaches us in the orchestra says it is impossible to play all the notes. We just aim to create a sense of storm by playing the notes as close to the ones written on the scores as possible.

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