Monday, September 18, 2006

Camera woes

I am feeling tired after a long day. The good thing would be that I have managed to find some time out of the busy schedule to practise on the double bass.

I have found that the Koday Easyshare CX7430 digital camera which I have been taking photos with is faulty. I did not change any of my regular settings. However, when I used the camera last Friday, most of the photos turned out dark and dull. I had thought that this fault was temporary but it persisted.

I took the camera to a shop yesterday to check if it can be repaired and was told that the LCD was faulty. It would cost about $180 to repair and the repair would take a month. The camera cost less than $500 when I bought it two years ago.

In the end, I decided to get myself a new camera. Hopefully, the new camera would work well for me just like my previous camera.

Picture taken using Koday Easyshare CX7430

I am now starting to miss my previous had served me well...But to repair it at $180 or more, I would rather buy a new camera. I can only secretly hope that I can find a reliable and cheaper way to repair my previous camera.


mistipurple said...

the old camera served you well. kinda sad to have to put him away. i take it as a 'him', similar to your double bass 'husband' :)

pinkie said...

well it doesn't sound right to spend that money to repair... I know how you feel... I feel the same way for my Kodak too, even though I'm eyeing on that pink Kodak V530 (if I didn't get the model number wrong). I bought tat using my own money for the first time, so it means alot to me. Just tat the battery part is irritating and delete button not working. Will you be buying another Kodak?

Simple American said...

I think you did the right thing buying a new camera. Sad the old one is broken. Could you change the part yourself? That could (not definite) save maney.

What camera did you purchase?

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Maybe, though I have never thought of the camera as a husband.

Pinkie: Yes. Another Kodak. I love its colours.

SA: I wish I know how to change the parts myself. I've got myself a Kodak C663.

Jz said...

Maybe you could go to Kodak's service centre (instead of a retail shop) just to try your luck. I brought my 2 years old Canon camera for repair, and was told that it would be free, as it was the manufacturer's fault for the CCD (not the LCD in this case) defect. Apparently I found out many of my friends' Canon cameras had the same problem and they got free repairs too.

oceanskies79 said...

JZ, thanks for the suggestion. I shall find out where is the nearest Kodak service centre around.