Monday, September 11, 2006


It seems that many news programme are doing coverage on the major event that took place five years ago.

Five years ago, I was a student. I can remember how those weeks following the event felt gloomy and full of uncertainty...

Anyway, there are a number of online sites on the matter for those who wish to read:
...(there are but I shall not attempt to list each and every one).


On the sidenote, thanks to my informant, the Rambling Librarian, I got to know about The September Project.
The September Project is a grassroots effort to get people together on September 11th to talk about issues that matter...

You may check this URL out:


Simple American said...

The sad part is we only focus on this horror once a year. It needs to be remembered everyday until we find peace.

pinkie said...

I feel very sad whenever I read about 911... I can still remember that me, ex and kids were having our holidays at LA days before 911. I wish it didn't happen :(