Sunday, September 03, 2006

The double bass is back

My double bass is back home!

The Luthier does a pretty good job of reshaping the bridge, and now, it feels much more easier to play on my instrument. The Luthier also helped me rewind my strings so that they are wound the proper way, so that they rest at the right corner of the peg box.

For those who are in Singapore and have string instruments to repair or restore, the Luthier is one of those you can consider approaching.

Since the location of the Luthier was fairly within walking distance from a MRT station, I decided to commute with the double bass using the MRT train. From the North-east line, I transferred to the North-south line to travel home. It is usually cheaper to travel about using the MRT than the taxi.

I am thankful that there are now more measures put in place to make train stations more accessible with the installations of in-station passenger lifts and wider fare gates.

About ten years ago, such installations are rare. The lifts certainly come very useful for families with children in stroller as I could see a number of children in stroller while I was waiting for the lift.

In addition, it makes travelling about much more affordable for people who use wheelchairs. Such installations also benefit people like myself who need to carry bulky items from time to time. These installations are also great for people who find the speed of the escalator too fast, or the height of the escalator too steep. I admit that I am one of those who will prefer to use the lift if the escalator is too steep or high.

In the later part of the evening, I practised on the double bass. I am enjoying the greater ease of playing that I have on my double bass after it has its bridge reshaped.

Some time was spent practising on bow-changing. I think I have yet to fully comprehend how I can bow such that the bow-changes would be almost inaudible. I have managed to do so last Thursday, with the help of my tutor. The muscle memory did not seem to have recalled how that was done. To be fair, my bow-changes is now not so obvious, but it is still a little audible to a discerning ear. I guess I have to work on this again for the upcoming lesson.


Jason Heath said...

It sounds like you got some good work done on your bass. I also take the train in Chicago, but it is an old train and very difficult to find a place to put the bass once onboard.

pinkie said...

i use the lift if it so happen to open its door for me as I walk past or when I'm terribly tired...

Simple American said...

Practice will make perfect. Just focus on making yourself happy and everyone else will follow.