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20 Nov 2010: The evening at Observatory Park

20 Nov 2010, Sat:

Finally, after an unintentional visit to Balmain - Thames Street, I reached Circular Quay on a ferry. I thanked the two kind ladies for their help before deciding what next to do. That day, there was no longer any ferry service to Rose Bay. The next way to visit Rose Bay was by public transport. Somehow I decided to go with the flow and not visit Rose Bay. I got myself a seafood pack from one of the eateries at Circular Quay.

My plan was to cross the Harbour Bridge on my own by foot. Somehow, I decided to walk to the Observatory Park to enjoy my dinner. What ingenius idea! The evening skies and the Sydney Harbour looked very beautiful at the Observatory Park. The tranquility of the Observatory Park had a calming effect. There was a wedding reception going on at the building of the Sydney Observatory. As I sat down to enjoy my dinner, I listened in to the sounds of the Sydney Harbour, the rustling of the leaves from the trees, and the music from the wedding reception. Simple moments in life can be beautiful.

I headed for the Sydney Observatory after I had my dinner. There was a night tour. However, the tours were full! I took the cue and instead walked about the Observatory Park. My heart moved when I saw Anzac Bridge. This bridge is the longest span cable-stayed bridge in Australia. Seeing the Anzac Bridge against the evening skies reminded me fondly of the ride that one of my friends gave me across it more than two years ago. I took a moment to pray for this friend of mine's well-being and safety.

There seemed to be a recurring theme on 20 Nov 2010. It seemed to be that of finding my way about foreign places. That was how I felt when I make my way to The Rocks. The Rocks gave out a charming feel as I walked about it under the dark skies. I took some moments to take a good look at the sandstone stairways at the Rocks so as to be reminded of the natural history of the place. When one slows down to admire the simple pleasures of life, life can be so wonderfully full of riches for the heart.

In the end, I decided I was too tired to walk across the Harbour Bridge so the next closest alternative was to take a ferry to Milsons Point.

People and moments that I am grateful for:
1) I am grateful for the good weather.
2) I am thankful for a safe journey about the Observatory Park and the Rocks.
3) I am thankful for a fairly good sense of direction and my love for navigating about foreign places. It was an adventure.
4) I felt thankful to catch a glimpse of Anzac Bridge against a beautiful evening sky. It reminded me of how blessed I am to have met good friends in my life.

New things that I did:
1) I travelled alone to Observatory Park and found my way there!
2) It was my first time noticing the beauty of Anzac Bridge against the evening skies, from the Observatory Park.

My learning points:
1) Learn to view each event in our lives with gratitude. Each turn and twist in our adventure were meant to help us to grow.
2) I was reminded of the value of letting go. Sometimes, closure need not have to occur for healing to take place. I realised I could happily live each day of my life even though I had missed visiting Rose Bay for the trip.
3) I have came to realise more and more often how places that I have been to could bring me to recollect memories from the past. When I was at the Observatory Park, I fondly recalled glimpses of my visit to the Observatory in Sep 2008 with one of my friends, RL. I also recalled how we were lost and were eventually given the guidance to find our way to the Observatory. I suppose Life has a special way to look out for us and to guide us back on track.

Sydney Observatory
Watson Road, Observatory Hill, The Rocks.

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