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Read: Morrie in his own words

Title: Morrie in his own words
Author: Morrie Schwartz
Publisher: Pan Books

This book was previously published as Letting Go, Morrie in His Own Words. The author learned that he had a motor neurone disease known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) at the age of seventy-seven. This is the second time I am re-reading the entire book.

In this book, readers will have a glimpse to how Morrie chose to embrace his illness and live as fully as possible the time that he had left.

The author gave a voice to how it was like to face chronic or terminal illness in a most gracious way. I have found the chapter "Grieving for your losses" rather cathartic. The chapter starts with a quotation that goes:
"Grieve and mourn for yourself, not once or twice, but again and again. Grieving is a great catharsis and comfort and a way of keeping yourself composed."
The author also attempts to discuss the differences between healthy grieving and despair.

The chapter titled "Being Kind to Yourself" also reminds readers to be "loving, compassionate and gentle"
towards oneself.

The following chapter "Dealing with Your Mind and Emotions" offer some practical tips on how to deal with doubts. I like the quotation that sum up the tips. It goes:
"Accept your doubts about your ability to achieve any change in your emotional state. But keep trying. You might be surprised."

This is one book with remarkable life wisdom. Morrie died peacefully at his home on 4 Nov 1995.

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