Wednesday, September 02, 2015

24 June 2015: The search for Algiers Coffee House

Before visiting Boston, I had done a bit of research and listed down a few of the places in Boston where one can enjoy a good cup of coffee beverage. One of the cafes on the list that I had compiled was the Algiers Coffee House at 40 Brattle Street, which was relatively near Harvard.

It was in my plan on 24 June 2015 (Wed) to visit Harvard so that I could visit both Algiers Coffee House and Harvard.

Algiers Coffee House is not located near the train station so it took a while to find it. To get there, take the Red Line T to Harvard Square. To locate Algiers Coffee House, I had found it easier to walk towards Church Street after walking past Harvard Square. Yet, there are a few other alternatives to reach Algiers Coffee House.

Algiers Coffee House is a nice place to relax and watch the world go by. When I was there around 9 a.m., there was very few guests at the cafe. I learnt that Algiers Coffee House is well-known for its Middle Eastern style food. One of its unique interior decor features were its Moroccan octagonal tables.

Algiers Coffee House.

When I was there, I was on a specialty coffee drink spree. I ordered a cup of espresso. It was balanced and had a lingering aftertaste. The cafe had an old world vibe and I felt I was in a different world of its own. It is a charming place to visit and the cafe has two floors. The second floor terrace overlooks Brattle Street.

Special Mint Coffee. Algiers Coffee House.

After the espresso, I was wanting more coffee because I heard that its signature drink is the Special Mint Coffee. It was brewed coffee with mint and served with whipped cream. The coffee taste was very mild for the Special Mint Coffee.

Coffee Pots!

At the Algiers Coffee House, I saw coffee pots. I was told that the Arabic coffee from this cafe would be prepared the Arabic way in which the coffee grounds would be boiled with water in the coffee pots.

This is a cafe to visit especially if one is visiting Harvard.

Algiers Coffee House
40 Brattle St
Cambrige MA 02138
Tel: +1 617 492 1557
Nearest T-station: Harvard Square

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Anonymous said...

Hello Pei Yun - I really am enjoying the experiences you are sharing of your trip to Massachusetts. Your descriptions are wonderful because I actually get the feeling of being in the Algiers Coffee House with it's other worldly charm and sitting at one of the tables and having a coffee. Thanks you for sharing and I am looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!
Sandy (Oceanview B&B)