Tuesday, December 15, 2015

25 June 2015: Fresh seafood dinner from Roy Moore Lobster Company

25 June 2015 (Thu):

During my visit to Rockport in June 2015, I had the pleasure to visit Roy Moore Lobster Company to get take-away dinner. I had wanted to make sure I would be ready for the 5.10 p.m. inbound train that will head to Swampscott. However, the relaxing dine-in area at Roy Moore Lobster Company where I was sitting at while waiting for my take-away dinner to be ready reminded me that there was a lot of Rockport that I needed more time to see.

The dine-in area.

One of the gentlemen at Roy Moore Lobster Company also reminded me to slow down to savour the beauty in life. So when my orders of a lobster roll and a cup of Clam Clowder was ready, I decided to spend a bit more time at Rockport to enjoy my dinner and scenic Rockport.

The service at Roy Moore Lobster Company was friendly and I felt the folks there treated everyone who visited the restaurant like a part of their community. When I asked for their address, I was given a fridge magnet that looked like a name card. When I expressed curiosity about the lobsters, one of the gentlemen from Roy Moore Lobster Company gladly shared with me a quick introduction to the life-cycle of a lobster. He gladly took one of the lobsters to allow me to take a photograph as a keepsake.

Thoughtful service and delicious fresh seafood count! I will recommend visitors to Rockport to enjoy a meal from Roy Moore Lobster Company.

Roy Moore Lobster Company
39 Bearskin Neck
MA 01966

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