Friday, November 09, 2007

Constructive diversion

This week is a break away from practising from the double bass because of the Mystic's Challenge that I have taken up. Initially, I had not felt much of an urge to resume practice, but that urge to practise crept in this evening. I am now looking forward to practising on the double bass when the time is up.

In addition, I needed some positive and constructive diversion to get me to stay away from depressive moods. For the past few days, I had attempted to walk. I had walked fairly long distances until my soles are aching even this evening. I would have continued walking despite the pain from the soles, but my feet brought me to a nearby library. I spent time browsing a book while sipping the chocolately drink that I had ordered from the cafe in the library.

Yesterday, aside from attempting to walk about several places, I had went about sketching. I realised that it has been a long while since I have sketched on my sketchbooks. Prior to yesterday's sketches, my last entry to my sketchbook was in January 2005! If anyone would like to see my sketches, you could ask me out and request to see the sketches, or pray that I would get a sponsorship for a scanner.

Actually, I would still like to walk! Then again, I have to be mindful that my soles are hurting. What a dilemma.

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