Saturday, October 16, 2010

Read: Edward De Bono's Thinking Course

Author: Edward de Bono
Title: Edward De Bono's Thinking Course
Publisher: BBC Active (1996)
ISBN-10: 1-4066-1202-2

In the hope to strengthen my thinking muscles, I decided to pick up a copy of Edward De Bono's Thinking Course when I was visiting the library.

I read the book with the intention of exposing myself to various skills of thinking. Some of the strategies and skills were admittedly more challenging to understand than others. Overall, the language was still fairly accessible for the lay-person.

The one that stayed well in my mind was "The PMI" which stands for Plus, Minus and Interesting. The lateral thinking section also stimulated quite a bit of thinking on my end.

The decision making section approached the subject in a pretty brilliant way by discussing how values and priorites come into play. It also introduced various methods of making decisions. Here I list them:

The dice method
The easy-way-out method
The spell-out method
Buriden's ass method
The ideal solution method
The best home method
The "What if...?" method
The simple matrix method
The full matrix method
The laziness method
Decision post-frame
Emphasis on fit
The future

If any of these interests you, do find a copy of this book to read. The decision making section caught my attention in some ways since much of my work is to facilitate people to make informed decisions. At the same time, I make quite a lot of decisions on a daily basis.

I still need more deliberate efforts to practise the thinking skills proposed in this book. I suppose I could make time to read more books by Edward De Bono in the near future.

While doing a quick search for related programmes, I chanced upon this website of Edward de Bono Training Pte Ltd that is based in Singapore: I could consider this and I hope it is very affordable.

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