Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Read: Pink's Drive

Title: Drive
Author: Daniel H. Pink
Publisher: Riverhead Books (New York, 2009)

I went to the library to borrow this book because this title was a recommended book to read.

Essentially, this book illustrates that when it comes to motivation, to harness the intrinsic motivation of people, it is necessary to look at three elements:
1) autonomy - the desire to direct our own lives
2) mastery - the urge to make progress and get better at something that matters
3) purpose - the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves

The book includes what is called the 'Type I Toolkit' to guide readers to take the ideas in the book and put them into action. An interesting book to read. I took about a fortnight to read this book.

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