Monday, August 11, 2014

Read: Value Investing REITs

Title: Value Investing in REITs
Author: Attlee Hue
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing (Reprinted in 2011)

This book was a recommended reading so I went to the library to borrow a copy to read. The author gives a clear introduction what makes REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) a way to invest in property without having to deal with down-payments, mortgage loans and expensive fees.

The terminologies related to investing in REITs are explained in a clear fashion. Perhaps I have yet to understand what has been shared between the lines, after my first reading, I am in the opinion that I have yet to fully understand how to go about doing a valuation of a REIT. Perhaps this is a sign to learn more about the subject matter?

This book is said to be the authoritative guide book in Singapore REITs. I suppose it was a blessing for me to have read this book as my first book on the subject of REITs.

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