Saturday, July 09, 2016

3 July 2015: Absolute Bagels and Lox

Life offers pleasant surprises when we take the step out to explore what it has to offer. I was on my way to visit the Cathedral of St John The Divine that was about ten blocks away from the hostel that I was staying in. On the way there, I noticed a queue waiting to buy bagels.

I took a moment to figure out what had drawn people to queue for bagels outside the shop named Absolute Review. There were reviews that Absolute Bagels has the best bagels in Manhattan. I suppose the beeline was the testament.

I ordered a bagel with Lox Spread for USD$3.95. I learnt that Lox Spread is essentially cream cheese and lox (salmon cured in brine). The bagel has a chewy and satisfying texture and the Lox Spread tasted fresh and flavoursome. There was a generous spread of Lox Spread on the bagel. The bagel with Lox Spread was worth the queue. The best bagel that I ever had yet.

Learning point: Life offers pleasant surprises. It helps to keep ourselves opened to what are around us. We may find something that we will like!

Absolute Bagels
2788 Broadway, between 107th and 108th Streets
Subway: #1 to 110th St - Cathedral Parkway
Tel: (212) 932-2052

Operating hours: Daily, 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.

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