Saturday, August 27, 2005

5 Aug 05: Photos

Checking time: How are you on this journey of recapitulation of my recent trip to the United Kingdom?

By the way, I have no way to track who has visited this blog. If you could leave your comments after visiting, I would know that you have visited and I might also get some clues to your candid opinions.

Meantime, here are links to view the photos taken on 5 Aug 2005 (UK time):

Hope you might find at least a photo that you like.

Thank you for your patience. More posts and photos of my recent trip awaits.


mistipurple said...

i like all your photos. i enjoyed the sceneries, the vastness of the open spaces, the clouds, the color of the skies, and i love especially, strathisla distillery. it seems like a fairy land and i can almost see the pixies hiding in the magical garden.
the open fields also makes me think of leprechauns. i'm sure they're there somewhere.

Simple American said...

Oh so you have returned to Singapore? And now you share the experience with those of us who are so lucky to have discovered you.

Emrah said...

Pei Yun, tracking your visitors is so easy if you become a member of Bravenet [] for free. Among the services they offer, the site counter is pretty popular. [You know my counter placed in one of the coaches of a train, down the bottom of my blog's page. There are many more alternatives.] The counter also gives the details of your visitor stats.

When you click on your counter [give my counter a try for instance] you reach the result page. On the very left column of that page, you'll see the "Visitor Analysis" section. Under that, if you stroke on "Referrers", you'll see the addresses of the last ten visitors. If some results are blue-shaded, it means that it is yourself who visited your blog as your computer keeps the caches. If a regular visitor, like me, visits your site 24 hours after his last visit, the system recognizes him as a new visitor again. That's it so far. By clicking other options on the same column, you can reach other info about your viewing stats.