Wednesday, August 31, 2005

This is intended to be short

Earlier today, I have a few things on my mind to write about.

For example, my ride back home on a taxi. The taxi driver was someone of age 73 years old. It was not his age that surprised it. It was the fact that he was so interested in technology and has a blue-tooth mobile phone that impressed me. Then he showed me a blue-tooth gadget that would allow him to call a person of his choice without even having to press the buttons on the mobile phone. So this is a reminder that one can still lead a fulfilling life at whichever age. Work and learn about the latest technologies.

Yet, this post is intended to be short. Midnight has passed by the time I wrote till this sentence!

I had wanted to write about the orchestra returning to practise in its "regular rehearsal venue". Farewell to our temporary rehearsal venues. But I am now feeling tired to bother.

Life seems a mad-rush at times, and I wonder if that could be ever debilitating to one's sense of peace? I felt a tension before I left for orchestra rehearsals.

Anyway, playing music did help push some of the tension away. Though the day has worn my energy quite a bit.

Sleep tight, and good night. I wonder who would visit this post in the middle of the night?


emily said...

hey! you know, im amazed by ur ability to blog even when u are so tired. wow. its really something!

Goldilocks said...

me, my dear friend.

Emrah said...

Well, me, because it is late afternoon here. :-]

Simple American said...

Afternoon for me. So no problem here. But your country men and women seem to be sleeping thus far.

Calamity Man said...

well jim from my blog is another hi tech uncle.

he's perhaps even better than me in these gadget thingies.

pinkie said...

hi, i was awake at midnight u know but I couldn't get a connection to logon :)

Well perhaps sometimes simply doing nothing will help ease a bit?

mistipurple said...

on a night where i choose to sleep, there would be a party going on here.

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