Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hoping for sunshine

My body's responses to the hours of the day are getting weird, and I am trying not to fight it too hard. Hopefully, going easy on readjusting to the time zone here would be more helpful than anxiously fighting the jet-lag.

At 1.30 p.m, I actually felt sleepy and had a two hours nap only to wake up with an uncomfortable headache. But I had to urged myself out of bed. If I had slept further, I fear I would wake up in the middle of the night like I have done in the wee hours of this morning.

It is rainy, but the rain seems to be getting not as heavy. I remember that in Scotland, most rain don't last more than half an hour, and rains were really just slight drizzles many of the times. When I was in London, there were lots of sunshine with occassional rain. I just happened to be lucky, because I was told most of the time, in UK, enjoying the beams of sunshine could be rare.

Anyway, I have yet to leave the house for my walk. Feeling a little disorientated to do much things, even if I were to need the walk to gain some sanity.

A moment ago, I decided I shall write a post about my day today and take a break from writing about the trip.

As I write my posts, I shall leave it to discerning and wise readers to read between the lines of my various posts to get a better picture of my sacred inner world. I would be pleasantly delighted if anyone could do that and write me comments that would confirm that. Afterall, I have choosen to write in such long-winded and not-so-direct fashion, that it is likely the true essence of my messages would have been masked by the narrative accounts of my various posts. But this is not a challenge, so forget about reading the lines and simply enjoy the pleasure of reading the posts. Of course, I was really saying that if you happen to read between the lines accurately and you let me know, it might just make my day that someone does truly understand.

Meantime, have a good weekend.

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