Sunday, August 28, 2005

6 Aug 05: A day of ensemble performances

After breakfast, I went to look around for the two staff from the festival's Music Department. I was told that they are the persons I could look for to get assistance on the whereabouts of the double bass. The other staff of the festival helped me to get in touch with them, and soon, one of them came to meet me to find the whereabouts of the double bass.

It was finally revealed to us that the double bass reserved for yours truly was kept in the storage room where it should be. Immediately after I had came back to the hostel after attending the concert the night before, it was not there. But I saw someone carrying a double bass wrapped in some cloth. The night before, when I asked the participant who was holding that double bass, it must be due to miscommunication, I heard him saying the double bass belonged to their group. It was only in the morning of 6 Aug 05 that I realised that this wrapped up double bass was the one I was looking for. Thank goodness the staff from the music department has been very nice in assisting me. I know I can be demanding at times.

It took me some effort to bring the double bass up to my room which was on the second level. When it was in my room, I took some time to practise on it.

Later in the mid morning, there was a rehearsal with the ensemble. The evening before, the violin tutor, Mr F. told me that there was a double bass part for the Vivaldi's piece that the ensemble would be playing on 6 Aug 05. I offered that I could play the double bass parts. So in the morning of 6 Aug 05, I played for my very first time, the Vivaldi's work with the ensemble. I beg for your pardon that I have forgotten the title of the work. Anyway, the second and third movement were manageable, but I find it a little more difficult to sight-read the first movement perfectly.

At noon, we took the festival bus to the Aberdeen Art Gallery. We were to put up a 30-minutes performance there. It went well.

After the performance, we went to a building nearby the art gallery to catch a performance. We ate the packed lunches that we were given while watching the performance. The Coast String Fiddlers were performing, if I remember correctly. I managed to find a short break of time to walk about the ground level of the Aberdeen Art Gallery. The exhibits that I happen to see were contemporary works. I figured that there might have been works from other era, but time was not quite on my side.

Closer-up shot of the performance.

A building nearby the art gallery.

Aberdeen Art Gallery's front

At about 2 p.m., we headed for Stonehaven, which was about 45 minutes away from Aberdeen by coach. We were to put up a ticketed performance at Stonehaven later that evening together with the Zhejiang Youth Arts Group and another performing group.

On the coach, on our way to Stonehaven.

When we reached there, we had a rehearsal. After the rehearsal, we had some time to walk about.

Stonehaven is a nice place, and has a beautiful beach. A pity that my camera did not manage to capture the best of it. Anyway, it was great to witness its beauty even if I could not capture it.

Before the performance, we had dinner at a nearby chapel's canteen. Though the meal was relatively simple, I love the soup. It was lovely. Yummy.

After dinner, we performed. It went well. Many of the audience were senior citizens. Yet they seem to enjoy listening to our kind of music. I felt impressed that they seem to have chosen to remain active participants of the community through supporting cultural events like ours.

After our performance (which was the first half of the entire event), I went to the audience seats with two other fellow orchestra mates to catch the rest of the performances. It was quite an experience for me to witness the audience having lucky draws just before the start of the second half of the event. If I guessed it correctly, the lucky winners get a bottle of wine each. Seldom in Singapore do I get to see lucky draws being held in the middle of a concert.

I enjoyed watching the second half of the performances. The Zhejiang Youth Arts Group performed stunts which were impressive. I was told that there should have been more members from this group participating the festival but it was such a pity that many of them were not able to obtain a visa to Aberdeen. Nevertheless, the members who came did their best to put up excellent performances.

I also like the performances by another group. I could not remember their names, but I like the innovative dance items that it gave.

After the performances, we headed back to Aberdeen. As my participation in the performance was a last minute thing, I figured that was why there was no van hired to transport the double bass to and fro Aberdeen and Stonehaven. It was possible though a little cumbersome to transport the double bass without a van.

Anyway, you would have guessed, I went back to my room with the double bass this time, and slept. I was awfully tired. A short note of thanks to those who have helped me when I was transporting the double bass.

Here's the link to the photos taken on 6 Aug 05: At Stonehaven


mistipurple said...

the sea is so beautiful. the sky is filled with rolling clouds. i wouldn't want to come back if i had gone to all those places you've been. i feel like a frog in a well looking at the pics. the ensemble playing in the open field, the crowds seem so appreciative and cultured. sigh. one silly thing, i keep looking at the grass, since you mentioned the ground is somewhat different.

oceanskies79 said...

yes, the grass and the ground are special. You could see people sitting on the ground.