Friday, August 19, 2005

For "Xiaofen"

I dedicate this post to Xiaofen. In part to seek her forgiveness. I had wanted to post a postcard to her from UK and I have brought along what is likely to be her mailing address.

However, forgive me, when I reached Aberdeen, I was not sure if it was her most updated address and had not dare to send her anything. Have sent to that address a few times but wasn't sure if she would have receive those posts. I must have been such a worrisome person that I didn't dare to take the risk to post one more time. Pardon me, it is me, one of my failings is that I tend to get a little worrisome about things and end up too careful.

This post won't be sufficient to compensate for my failing and oversight but hopefully that might bring some smiles on Xiaofen's face that she is in my thoughts.

This is by far my best picture taken of the St Paul's Cathedral, in London. My photography skills seem to have tremendously declined due to lack of time to make good observations of the subject matter that I would like to take. I could only look and then shot without having the luxury to observe. In the end, I end up with snapshots, not photographs of good art. This one is acceptable, but I had taken at least ten photos which are not quite up to my mark before I get this one.

Anyway, when one walks down to the crypt (an underground room that is usually used as a burial ground) of the cathedral, one would find the tombs of some of Britain's greatest heroes, including Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington and Christopher Wren (who designed this very cathedral, the fourth cathedral to be built on that site). The thought of this lends one some sense of chivalry which would deserving earn the respect of posterity.

This cathedral has nice baroque interior. I will talk a little more about it as I write about my stay in UK.


Yng Lyn said...

Hello there! i must say that this is a gorgeous photograph of St Pauls! The colours are beautifully balanced, so is the framing and the overall subject matter.... I'd love to see more of your vacation photos!
Are you studying in London?

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Yng Lyn, welcome to this blog. Nope. I was in London though from 13 -17 Aug 2005 for a short vacation on my own. Prior to that, I was in Aberdeen (in Scotland) to participate in the Aberdeen International Youth Festival.

oceanskies79 said...

Yng Lyn: Thanks for your compliments

小芬 said...

Hey thanks!

I felt it is a very beautiful pix, like the colour combination and i feel peaceful looking at it.

Still on 'away' mode, have not been posting as Newton's particular law about inertia is operating right now... Stopped writing and it is hard to start again...

Thanks for remembering me wherever you are. You are always in my thoughts too. :)