Sunday, August 28, 2005

AIYF Opening Concert

It is sad but true, being a performer on the stage, it was not quite convenient for one to take pictures of oneself and the orchestra performing during the concert. As such, I have taken no photograph of our orchestra's various concerts and performances during the entire duration of Aberdeen International Youth Festival 2005.

So what you are going to see soon are rare-to-get photographs. It so happened that SY, an ex-orchestra member was there. He took several photographs of the orchestra during the concert.

Fate has it such that he met someone with a professional camera who was also taking photographs of the orchestra's opening concert (held on 3 Aug 05, Aberdeen's time). This someone, he found out was not from our orchestra. We have no idea who this "someone" was, so I suppose he could be called a mysterious photographer. He took a number of excellent photographs of the orchestra, and thanks to his generousity in giving SY the soft-copies of the photographs he had taken of the orchestra, SY could in turn be kind to share these photographs (taken by the mysterious photographer) with the rest of the orchestra.

The photos were well-taken. I would never have captured such excellent and closed-up shots on my own digital camera. Wonders that a professional camera could do. Of course, an excellent tool would only be so with good skills to use it. The mysterious photographer seemed to have good photography skills to capture some great moments.

So before we view the photographs, we shall say our words of appreciation to this mysterious photographer. "Thank you for sharing the photographs with us."

The violin soloist. Playing the Butterfly Lovers Concerto.


Footnote: If you wonder why you cannot see the double bass section, it was because the both SY and the mysterious photographer took the photographs from the box seats just directly above the double bass section. As such, that was not a good angle to capture the double bass section.


mistipurple said...

the soloist's expressions are well captured. i shall have to imagine the double bass section then! nevertheless, thank you mr.mysterious photographer!

Simple American said...

Very nicely done photos. You orchestra is quite large, eh.

Aberdeen International Youth Festival said...

Hello, great pictures, glad you enjoyed your time in Aberdeen, come back soon!