Saturday, August 20, 2005

Awfully mixed up

I don't know if I should go to bed or I should be awake. It is 6.42 a.m. now and I have tried about an hour ago to go back to rest, but I could not. Yet, my mind is not operating anywhere near its optimal and that signals I might need a little more rest. But my body tells me that I am hungry for breakfast and I don't need anymore sleep.

I felt a little mixed up. I hope this would not cause me mood swings. Forgive me if I were to take twenty minutes to respond to something which I would normally take no more than one minute. My mind is slow when it is not functioning at its optimal.

I shall go out for a walk later the day. I am feeling a little stifled, I was at home the entire day yesterday. Not work, and no play. Just simply unpacking, helping with the laundry and sleeping. Oh yes, not to forget, surfing the internet to keep myself updated, and blogging.

Not to mention, I was too tired to even offer "my husband" (the double bass) any companionship at all. Lack of practice does not seem good for yours truly who will be having a few more upcoming performances within the next three weeks.

Anyhow, I would have asked for the company of any kind soul for my needed walk, but I fear my mood would swing drastically with me feeling awfully mixed up with bed-times and waking-up times. I shall be kind not to drag anyone into this possibly terrible mess. Just empathise with me for what I am going through please, I like to feel and to be understood.

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