Friday, August 19, 2005

For Mystic

I promise Mystic earlier this evening that I will post a picture that I have taken in UK specially for her. It took a while to decide what to choose for her.

Here it is. Hope this would soothe her anger a little. Her day had seemed to end with some frustrations and anger, and though that was not of any fault of yours truly, I would try what I could as a friend if by doing so helps her feel better and find perspective. This is a perspective that one would not find on the ground. Hope it would soothe Mystic.

I beg for your forgiveness if you were ever to feel jealous with Mystic. For a post dedicated to her.

There is certainly no reason to. As I have said in one of my posts on Mistipurple's blog, I am likely not more charming than most other people and fellow bloggers. I won't even dare to make a single claim that I would win the every affection of whoever reads this blog. The point is if anyone were to feel jealous, it was absolutely not intended to be.


mistipurple said...

there is enough love to go around! love is not selfish, never should be, and i am very happy you have found such a good friend in mystic! :)

Calamity Man said...

you took that photo in the uk? where were you staying? in a hotel in the sky or something? cool beans.

oceanskies79 said...

I took this on the skies of UK, while travelling on the plane from Aberdeen (in Scotland) to London.

mystic said...

yup yup, i agree with mistipurple that there is enough love to go around. furthermore, if you remember that love is unconditional.
if you see that pei yun actually posted the picture for all of us.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Mystic, welcome. It has been a while since I saw you commenting on my blog.

Well said my friends, both of you have incidentally read and got one of those hidden messages in this post. The picture was meant to be shared with everyone in blogger land.

Of course, dedicated to my friend Mystic, for it was specially selected for the occasion, for her. And I am certain that it would please Mystic that such a nice photo is being shared with as many people as possible. =)

oceanskies79 said...

and i refer to mistipurple and mystic, our two ladies for solving one underlying meaning in this post.