Monday, August 29, 2005

Retreat to the room of a double bassist

So, it was on the 6 Aug 2005, Aberdeen's time, when I could finally have a rented double bass reserved officially for me to use for the rest of the entire festival. It was reserved officially for myself such that I could openly keep the rented instrument in my hostel room.

However, I do not wish to call it in any affectionate term. It could not be comparable to "my husband" nor "my boyfriend", two other double basses that I regularly use back in Singapore.

There is a price to pay, to have a double bass in the room. I was assigned a room on the second floor, and there was no lift facility in the hostel building I was staying in. So carrying the double bass became a necessity task to do almost everyday if I were to bring the double bass out for rehearsals and performances, and if I would want to have the double bass back in the hostel room. It was not a matter of carrying the double bass, it was also a task that involved opening the many fire-doors that led from the second level to the main door of the hostel building. It also involved carrying the double bass stool about.

Thanks to people who helped me carry the double bass stool while I carried the double bass. It must be me ever insistent, I rather play sitting on a double bass stool. And thanks to people who helped me with the doors, I might have taken ages to open the doors with a double bass in my hand, if not for your help.

Here's allowing you to have a peep of what a double bassist's room had looked like.

The room was larger than what you see on this picture. There was a wash-basin near the door, and there's a wardrobe which I leaned the double bass against.

By the way, that white colour structure found just below the window is the heating device which is meant to heat the room. It could get quite stuffy if I were to leave the windows totally shut when I was in the room. Imagine staying in a room that is heated up but has no fresh air coming in.

Anyway, enough of the retreat. The room of a double bassist is meant to be a private space for its occupant to retreat after a tiring day.

This was the room where I spent practicing, reading and writing, and sleeping.


Yng Lyn said...

very tidy room, I must say!
yeah, I had a very similar room back in my undergraduate days, a washbasin, a nice bed and a large study desk....

crazycat said...

ur rented companion looks pretty! :)

mistipurple said...

i can understand now how one can become quite attached to the double bass and refer to him as a boyfriend or husband! i came up close with one last week and he stood so tall and majestic, and protective.. and at the same time, needing protection.

if i cannot find a boyfriend, i might get myself a double bass.

Yng Lyn said...

oh no worries, I've already assumed my I pod as my boyfriend! ;)

Simple American said...

I feel like invade the woman's territory.

*Exit stage left

Selmin said...

hey pei yun, i've been following your comments in emrah's blog too. didn't know you were a bassist though. a nice surprise, it is. hope i can get to listen to you one day :-)

Emrah said...

Looks pretty comfortable, huh? :-)

oceanskies79 said...

Yng Lyn: Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad the photo brought up feelings of nostalgia.

Crazy Cat: It looks pretty on photo.

Mistipurple: Yes, the double bass looks so huggable.

Simple American: Hi. You have Emrah's company now.

Selmin: Hi thanks for visiting.

Emrah: The room was comfortable enough for it was spacious enough. But I didn't like the bed. I have a much better bed back at home, I got it for myself to curb against backaches.