Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Disappear forever?

Wanting respite
Where is the space to hide?
Seeking refuge
Where can one find peace on Earth?

At times I wish to vanish in thin air
Yet maybe it isn't my real wish
To disappear forever
I merely want a place of respite
From the endless craze the world throws at me

Or just simply indications that
I am living?


Simple American said...

Very much alive dear. Need I pinch you to prove it?

eastcoastlife said...

What a depressing post! You need to see me, dear. Let my sunny rays warm you up!

laymank said...

hang in there... just as much as i have, myself.

and know that, you are not alone.

take care!

oceanskies79 said...

SA: I can't feel the pinch. There is too much pain not from the pinch...Thanks, for caring.

Eastcoastlife: Sunny you sound like you are a counsellor or life coach. Please tell me the secrets to your sunny rays.

Laymank: Thanks for comforting. You take care too.

pinkie said...

girl, you are too young to be so depressed! cheer up! :)

lilmisswEE said...

omg. u have exactly the same feeling as me! (:
look like i really really understand what you have been though..

but nice poem!! (: love it