Friday, January 26, 2007

Something to think about: Singapore's Rich-Poor Divide

Earlier this week, while I was browsing, I came across an article titled Singapore Swing.

Here's the URL:

I have the honour to work with quite a large number of low-income families. Many of them actually works very work and strive to improve their circumstances, yet their financial situations remain challenging. Sometimes, I start to think that even if one works hard, putting in commendable amount of effort alone does not guarantee one merits. It just seems that if left unchecked, there is a tendency for the rich to get richer, but the poor to get even poorer.

These questions would be come to my mind many of the times:
1) How to empower those in the low-income to improve their income?
2) More so, what kind of changes in the system would be needed to address the issue of the rich-poor divide?

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Simple American said...

Make sure all the laws are fair. No redristribution of wealth. No laws that prevent new competition. No unfair taxation. People that have the drive should never be blocked by the law if they have a legal product or idea to sell.

mistipurple said...

wondering what can be typed that can be politically correct... *wink*

one note though, all companies are bounded by law to pay to a skill development fund for the re-training of older folks who need to get a job in an industry new to them.

eastcoastlife said...

I see many poor Singaporeans struggling to make ends meet everday. Some of these people are ignorant, illiterate, they do not know their rights.

Those who have power, make full use of their rights and have many channels to ask for assistance. My personal experience. It is so unfair.

There are many good government policies, it's the people who are executing these policies that cause a lot of problems. My book will show Singaporeans just that.