Thursday, January 25, 2007

Suicidal Tendencies (2005)

Composed by Emily Koh. Performed on 10 Jan 2007, at NUS Theatrette, Singapore.

(URL of video on YouTube :


Simple American said...

I look forward to hearing this. :)

Have to wait until I go home. :(

mistipurple said...

the last few bars, before the last, wish the camera panned on you, and focus wider to capture everybody. i can hear you there, if i'm not wrong. but i understand it's difficult for the video person doing an impromptu one. *wink*
it's great to have this on tape anyway. so, better than nothing ya?
congratulations to you and your team mates on this one!
and to emily for the composition! *bravo*

pinkie said...

no bar stool for you to sit?

oceanskies79 said...

SA: :) Please do share with me what you like about it.

Misti: Ah, Emily would be pleased to hear your feedback on her composition. If you have more to share, please do share.

Pinkie: There was. But I decided it was too much a logistic hassle to place a bar stool on the stage. Afterall, the performance of this item was only less than 8 minutes long.

M said...

Very interesting... evokes a gamut of emotions. Would be nice for a studio quality version though. Cheers on the performance.

Which reminds me, see if you can find this CD series by Rondo Veneziano. You might like their style and approach. I believe the CDs are quite rare and hard to find. I do have a collection of about a dozen of their CDs though.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi M: A studio quality version....that could be done, but I would have well exceeded the YouTube's limit of 100 MB..

By the way, are there any places in Singapore that offer one to use video editing, movie making software for an affordable charge?

I still have not figure a way to 'cut out' a section that I had wanted from a DVD of the concert. I used a free DVD ripper from an online source to "cut" this, but realised that because it is a freeware, the maker has set some limitations on the software.