Thursday, January 25, 2007

A look at: As it is..

I like this piece of the installation. It reminded me of a person looking at himself as a third party would. Self reflection, I suppose?

This post is a long overdued post that I hope to share with one of my friends, Mystic. I suppose she had been too busy to catch the site-specific installation, As it is... by Victor Tan Wee Tar, that was at the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay sometime ago (7 Oct 2006 to 7 Jan 2007). As such, this post is my humble attempt to share my sights of the installation with her, and the rest of my readers here.

Let the photos bring you some glimpses to Victor Tan Wee Tar's artistic talents. I love the way that he seems to inject a sense of life into his works. I think Mystic would enjoy his installation if she were free to catch it. Meantime, please enjoy.

I like the way that this figure above stands on the beam of wood. Taking risks can be exciting.

I was attracted to the figure of the baby in the foreground.

I like the seemingly air of innocence that was projected by this section of the installation. I noticed the rocking horse in the background.

For more on the sculptor:

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Simple American said...

Those are kind of neat. But a little scarey too. It reminds me of Druidic Wicker Man.