Thursday, January 04, 2007

No immunity

Much happier than I used to be
Learning to live happily
And simply be me

But being happy does not give me immunity
To pain
To the feelings of sadness
To the ups and downs of life

Perhaps there is a price to pay
For that inborn sense of sensitivity
That urges me to see, hear and feel the finer things in life
Yet predisposes me to be in touch with its darker side

Then how is it
That I can make the best of my gift of sensitivity?
To search for the value of life
Yet learning not to lose myself to the darkness?


Veron said...

So painful, and yet so beautiful :)

M said...

You're just human. In fact you are more human than a lot of people out there immune to such feelings. You are lucky to have such great sensitivity. Go forth and show the rest of the country what it is like to be human.

Simple American said...

The holiday season has made you very poetic hor?

Glad you are feeling better.