Thursday, January 25, 2007

Emily Koh's Suicidal Tendencies (2005)

I have posted the YouTube version of Emily Koh's Suicidal Tendencies on my blog about several minutes, but it has yet to appear.

Whatever it is, here's to share a link to a performance of Emily's Suicidal Tendencies that has been posted up on YouTube for your pleasant viewing. This music is a piece of contemporary music. The more I play it, the more I grow to like it, for the bleak feeling and sense of despair that I seem to hear from its notes. Pardon me, I have a love for such kind of music. Perhaps all I ask is an outlet to release the whatever sense of despair and hopelessness that I feel of this world at times.

The URL is:

Credits for the performance:
Suicidal Tendencies (2005).
Composed by Emily Koh.
Performed on 10 Jan 2007, at NUS Theatrette, Singapore.
Performed by: Tang Tee Tong // Violin, Jeremy Chiew // Viola, Toh Huiwen // Violoncello, Cheng Pei Yun // Double Bass.
Video recording by Mr Lim S.L. Video edited by PY.


mistipurple said...

i love it! i always prefer contemporary. maybe because when i play it, i think i can get away with alot of wrong notes and nobody knows. KIDDING!!!! :P
it's just me. i always have a preference for them and i do much better in them than other periods.
not many teacher can teach them well though (at least most of mine are dead scared of these kind and the most they can do for me is to guide me in my timings, of which i am totally hopeless in counting all those syncopated beats!)

Simple American said...

Thanks for the convenint links. :)