Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Practising with a metronome

This afternoon, I took leave from work to practise. The incident of the missing double bass yesterday has left me with not enough time to practice, so I figured I should take time from work to catch up.

Most of today's practice in the afternoon involved the use of the metronome. Since I have no gift of a naturally going sense of pulse and rhythm, I decided that I could work around my lack of gift in this area by practising with a metronome.

Please wish me good luck for tomorrow's concert. I greatly wish that things will go smoothly tomorrow, and that I won't have to experience any traumatic incident like I had yesterday.

I also keep my fingers crossed that my practice this afternoon on Emily's Suicidal Tendencies has been effective enough for me to deliver the double bass parts well tomorrow so that I could do justice to her composition and her intended ideas behind the composition. I think I was more confident of playing Emily's Suicidal Tendencies, but I was merely playing on my own today. Hopefully, things would continue to turn out just as well when I rehearse with the rest of the quartet playing Suicidal Tendencies.

Emily was nice to send me a midi recording of Suicidal Tendencies. It gave me a better idea of how the various instruments interact with one another. While my ears needed to strain themselves to make out the double bass parts for the two sections that I had difficulties with, I have a strong feeling that tomorrow's rendition of Suicidal Tendencies will sound way better than the midi recording. It is the organic sounds from the string-instruments that would deliver the messages of the work, I figured. I pray that I would be alert and have good concentration level tomorrow to play for the work, and play on-time.

Please wish me all the best for tomorrow's concert. I hope everything would turn out fabulous.

There have been too many downs and challenges that had been faced recently, I need to muster enough faith to believe that things would go fine.

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Simple American said...

Best of luck to you PY. I am confident that NUS Symphony will produce a lovely performance.