Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Learning to cope with the pain

Does life brings
At some moments,

To test the human's strength?
To help one learn to appreciate blissfulness?
To alert one that something is not right?
To draw one to get out of the pain?

But my mind can't quite make any sense now
I am in pain
At times the pain's so strong
I thought I would soon be dead

Learning to live
While bearing with the pain
At times I try to put a smile
At times I try to hide for respite

But I have no clue
What can ease the pain?
Living, but in pain,
What still keeps one living?

Maybe I shall just be contented
That I'm alive even though I'm in pain?


Simple American said...

Be contented PY. Pain lets us know we are alive. Enjoy life.

mistipurple said...

sometimes it is better not to think too much. don't analyse. just do what you like, go where you enjoy, and sometimes think of the less fortunate, sick, etc. they cannot do anything we're capable of doing.
please be happy this year okay?
yes, sounds silly, but sometimes happiness is a commitment one consciously make. tell yourself you want to be happy and nothing's going to stop your path. it gets half the battle won. try it.

eastcoastlife said...

yes, I agree with mistipurple.

I hope you are feeling better.

oceanskies79 said...

SA: Thanks for coming by.

Misti: For this post, I am particularly referring to physical pain. A pain that is similar and worse than the one that I had at the time when I went out with you to have lunch at Kenny Rogers more than a year ago. Actually, I am happier than I am many years ago, but I guess being happy still does not make me immune to pain.

Eastcoastlife: Thank you for caring. The pain has subsided.

mistipurple said...

ah. i am relieved then, in a way.
there are tablets you know? good ones. might be worthwhile considering, since you were in quite bad pain when we were at kenny rogers a year back.
and, i am happy that you are happier. yippee!

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Thanks for sharing. Tablets....ah, the thought of eating these sound like a nightmare.
I don't like pain killers for sure.