Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The noises are driving me crazy, and I am in pain

I can't believe it. In order to get the lift-upgrading at my block done by next month, I have to put up with drilling at 10.15 p.m. The initial date of completion of the lift-upgrading was sometime in April this year.

Recently, I saw a notice being put up on the lift that in order to get one of the lifts completed soon, the workmen will be working extended hours. We were asked to lend our understanding in the matter. Well, I just hope the drilling could stop soon. It is now driving me crazy! I think I would put on ear plugs soon...


Now, with the ear plugs, I can still hear the knockings and the drillings. The only good thing is that these noises are less deafening and more bearable. If the drillings continue, I shall probably end up having to need trucks of ear plugs, won't I? But I dislike the trouble of having to wear ear plugs.

If there is one great invention for me in this century, I think it will be the invention whereby all drilling machines no longer produce the machinery-drilling sounds but instead, produce sounds similar to those from a piano player playing Chopin's Nocturnes at only 20 decibels or lower. Ideally, such drilling machines can be produced at very low cost so that they can be mass-produced. Then drilling could be music to my ears.

My body has been sending out signals of pain. The headache strikes again. The noises make it more challenging for me to cope with the pain.

All machines and non-living objects, beware of me. I can get more irritable nowadays if you fail to function in good order. Unless, you sing me nice soothing tunes like Chopin's Nocturnes. If you don't sing, maybe I shall sing.

For now, I shall be prepared that the drilling may possibly continue beyond midnight.


pinkie said...

eekk... I dislike upgrading work... not so much of the noise but dust! *Big hug to you*

mistipurple said...

..sing sing i shall to you... la la laaaa.. opps. you need a stronger ear plug? :P

eastcoastlife said...

oh no, upgrading work. It must be real messy too!

Aren't you going to see a dcotor for your discomfort? I mean the headaches. Take care of yourself.

Simple American said...

How can they work so late? Inconsiderate. Don't they understand people live there.

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: Thank you. *receive hug*

Misti: Thank you. Stronger Ear plug. I guess ear plug can only reduce the noise volume.

Eastcoastlife: It is that messy since the contractor has blocked up the place. But it can be noisy.

SA: The contractor claimed that it would need to work 24 hours round the clock in order for a few of the days in order to get the lift done by Chinese New Year (which is mid this month).