Monday, January 01, 2007

The ups and downs of 2006

The year 2006 has passed. If I were to summarise the year 2006 from my perspective, I would say it has its ups and downs.

The photo right above was a photo that I have posted on 2 Jan 2006. There had been dark moments in the year 2006. A quick check of the archives of my blog would show that I had posted quite a fair number of monochromatic photographs in the earlier months of 2006 that were intended to illustrate a depressive and melancholic mood.

Some days felt as if the world would continue to be monochromatic forever. Then again, in the monochromatic world, one may then be forced to see the essential. The lines and the forms.

Colours do brighten the world, but when the emphasis is on the colours, one may tend to lose sight of the essential? Unknowingly, in the process of bracing myself up during the down-times, it can be heartening to realise how strong the human-spirit could be even during times of adversities. But I would like to ask, how strong can the human-spirit be? Humility makes one realise one's vulnerability.

When I looked back at how dark some of the days in year 2006 had been, I am thankful to find myself right here being able to type and compose a post on this blog. It means I have survived those dark times. More may come, but I feel comforted that I have some level of strength in me to tide me through some of the dark hours. More importantly, it is heartening to realise that in some of those dark times, there were kind folks who came by to lend encouragement or support, making those dark times easier to manage.

The world is the stage for one to make the best out of, but my sense is that the outer world has yet to be my favourite place to live in. Too much noises can be disturbing. In the year 2006, I have found myself more withdrawn and reclusive. Pardon me, I have found it hard to trust that I could still have my needed great bubble of space when I am close to anyone. On the positive note, it has been heartening to realise that there have been friends who continue to lend their encouragement and support while respecting my great need for space. Thank you folks. Your friendship and support matter a lot to me.

I take this chance to thank the people whom I come into contact with. Thank you for bearing with my individualistic nature. Thank you for your patience, your kindness and your support.

I have no idea what the year 2007 has installed for me. I can only aim to make the best of it to find a way to express myself and to make a positive difference to this world that I live in.

For the year 2007, I still have lots of questions brought forward from year 2006 to be answered. I can only ask that I can eventually uncover some of the answers. May life be kind enough to help me on this search.

Meantime, wishing you good health and fulfilment for the year 2007.


eastcoastlife said...

Hey, cheer up for the new year lah!
Life is short, don't dwell on the unhappy things.
Wish you a great year ahead! Look forward to watching your concert performance.

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you East Coast Life.

I wasn't dwelling on unhappy things. I was merely reflecting on the dark hours and remembering that I had survived the dark hours in 2006. ;)

Thanks for supporting the concert.

Simple American said...

Hope your year is full of light and well defined. Be the best that you can be. No can expect more, nor should they.