Thursday, January 04, 2007

Loving double bass lessons

I am beginning to love Thursdays because most of my double bass lessons would be scheduled on Thursdays.

Today is yet another Thursday, and I have had double bass lesson with my tutor MJ earlier. Today's lesson was our first lesson for the year, after a short two-weeks break from double bass lesson that I had requested to take.

I particularly like the fingerings that MJ had suggested for the solo part for the second Double Bass part of I. Berlin's Ragtime. It was comfortable to play, yet sounding musical.

Later, while we were working on the challenging first part of the double bass part in Tchaikovsky's Neapolitanian Dance (from Swan Lake), MJ revealed how the right index finger could play such an important role in enabling the player to obtained a good control of the bow and to produce a nice tone. Ah, I was so fascinated with the new knowledge that I wrote the word "pinch" on my scores to remind myself of this part of the lesson.

However, with much time spent on working on the two earlier parts, I had significantly less time to work on the Dragonetti's Solo in e minor. But he gave me quite some good pointers for me to work on a fairly difficult passage. Now, my role is simply to practise.

During the lesson, MJ asked regarding my plans for the double bass diploma practical exams. He said that I should be ready to take the exams by this year! I am still only done with less than a quarter of the exams requirments. But I love the idea that I could be ready for the exams. Of course, I need to put in the required consistent effort to be well on target.

I'm loving double bass lessons. They are pleasant breaks from the working routine. (But I qualify that my work is fulfilling in its own way.)


pinkie said...

good to love some-thing and be forward looking! I love tat feeling! :)

Simple American said...

Pinkie said what I was thinking. Hey!!! keke