Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fort Siloso

Angela has posted a noteworthy post on Fort Siloso, Singapore.

Somehow after readig her post, I was being reminded of the War Museum in Penang which I had visited about 2 years ago.

Look for a green colour box-like object. That is where someone from one of the underground tunnels climb up and exit to the surface of the ground. Photo taken at Penang's War Museum, in year 2004.

Folks who read my blog regularly may realise that I have an interest in learning about World War II history at this part of the world (the Southeast Asia). History has a lot of invaluable lessons for us to learn from.

Do check out Angela's post: The other Siloso to find out more.


Simple American said...

History is vital to learn. Otherwise deadly mistakes are made.

I fear the Killing Fields will become the Killing Sands if the US leaves Iraq prematurely as when we left SE Asia.

pinkie said...

Fort Siloso's Justin's favourite... I tink it's a rather captivating place with rich history :)