Friday, January 19, 2007

Lunch: 12 Nov 2006

(At Hainan)

After the visit to the Five Officials' Temple, my cousin led us to take a bus to head for a place for lunch.

According to what I had heard from my parents, we were heading to a part of Haikou city where the largest shopping mall in Haikou was located. I figured that while this mall may be the largest at that point in time, it would soon be replaced by yet more larger malls. I could confidently say so because I could see quite a couple of constructions going on in the city of Haikou, and one site was supposedly constructing a shopping mall that would be next largest shopping mall in Haikou. I could not help but feel how fast progress could be made.

Anyway, I remember that my aunt was feeling very hungry that day. The first task of that afternoon was to find a place for lunch. We ended up in a restaurant that sells Hunan food. I love the yam and the sauce that came with the fish. The vegetables tasted yummy too. I love vegetables that taste nice.

I couldn't help but to share a few of the photos of the lunch with you.

My dad had wanted to pay for the lunch, but my dear cousin insisted on treating us to the lunch. He shouldn't have, though. But thanks cousin.

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mistipurple said...

the food seems much healthier than most food in singapore, or most places for that matter.