Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Music inspires

I'm not feeling quite well this morning and decided to shelf my original plans to a later time. I have two music CDs that I have loaned from the library, and I decided to listen to Beethoven's Symphonies, namely his Fifth Symphony and his Seventh Symphony.

These are the details of the CD that I have listened to:
Symphonies Nos.5 & 7

Recorded: 1950 & 1954
Wiener Philharmoniker
Wilhelm Furtwängler
EMI Classics Historical Series
7243 5 86200 2 3

My ears have a preference for the second movement of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony today. But listening to it alone would not complete the listening experience. I realised that when I listened to the entire Seventh Symphony, I could get more inspirations out of this Beethoven's work.

For reasons unknown, my ears were telling me after they listened to the rendition of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony that in life, there may not be perfection and eternal bliss, but the human spirit shall triumph when it strives to overcome life's challenges. It is the effort and the human spirit that matter.

Check this URL for some information on Beethoven's symphonies:

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Simple American said...

I love the fifth symphony. Not sure I have heard the seventh. Hmmm...

Sorry I missed you on IM. Hope you have had a happy new year. HUGS!