Friday, May 29, 2009

A break from the city: Farms in Northwestern Singapre

17 May 2009: Dear Eastcoastlife very generously and graciously treated me to a delicious lunch after our visit to Kampong Lorong Buangkok.

After the lunch, we headed for the farms in the Northwestern part of Singapore. This website of the Kranji Countryside Association ( offers a glimpse of the recreational and educational value of the farms in the Kranji countryside.

Of particular interest to me was that the ignorant part of me finally realised that the dragon-fruits that I know of are actually fruits of specific cactus species. Such fruits are known as pitaya. Eastcoastlife pointed me to a farm that cultivates a species of cactus plant that bore the dragon-fruits. I was fascinated simply to see dragon-fruits bearing cactus plants!

The cactus that bears the dragon-fruit.

A dragon-fruit.

One of the farms that we had visited was the Hay Dairies Farm. This farm currently produces fresh goat milk for sale. Visitors could have a chance to view the milking demonstrations from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the morning. Due to imposed restrictions, we were not allowed to walk too close to the goats during that visit. I was rather intrigued how the goats have learnt to drink from man-made taps.

The last farm that we visited for that day was Bollywood Veggies Singapore. Eastcoastlife pointed me to the signboards that were placed outside the farm. Don't they look simple and pleasing?

Many different kinds of plants were being grown in Bollywood Veggies Singapore. Entry to this farm is $2 per person. One gets to view plants such as banana, fig, lemon grass, padi, papaya, rambutan and lots more. The Poison Ivy Bistro in the farm serves various food. The vegetables served at the Bistro are gathered fresh from the Bollywood Veggies Singapore farm.

My words of appreciation to Eastcoastlife and her husband for taking the time and thoughts to accompany me to a few of the farms in the Kranji countryside area. The visits to the farms helped me get close to the land. It was a refreshing break from my usual tours of the Singapore city.

For the folks who would like to find out how to visit these farms using public transport, you would be pleased to know that there is a shuttle bus service that is known as the Kranji Express that will operate daily to take visitors to the Kranji Countryside from Kranji MRT station. For more information, please visit


pinkie said...

I certainly dun expect a relationship between cactus and dragonfruit! Thanks for sharing...

Doreen said...

Did they tell you why cannot be close to the goat?