Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A walk about Fort Canning Park

This is possibly a long overdued post. It was Labour Day on 1 May 2009, and I found my way to the Fort Canning Park. Many years ago, this was a place I would frequently visit to sketch. There used to be a number of interesting sculptures that were on display there at different parts of the Park, and though I may not end up sketching, I had enjoyed visiting the park to look at the sculptures.

As I was walking past the large open area in front of the Fort Canning Centre, I noticed some props and works in progress to prepare for an upcoming performance. I figured that all the props and works were in preparation for Singapore Repertory Theatre's production Much Ado About Nothing.

My walk about the Fort Canning Park was a lesiure and nostalgic one. I wonder how many times I had taken respite at this park when I felt that I needed time alone to reflect. This park sits on what is commonly known as the Fort Canning Hill. In the distant past, the hill was The Forbidden Hill (Bukit Larangan). The Forbidden Hill was believed to be the seat of royalty for the rulers of Temasek.

One part of the Fort Canning Park that most visitors would visit would be the Raffles Terrace. Nearby Raffles Terrace is the flagstaff. There is a small fountain at the entrance of Raffles Terrace and it made the place seemed pretty inviting.

My favourite part of the Fort Canning Park was near the remnants of the Fort. There used to be a fort on the Fort Canning Hill but it was demolished in 1907. I like it because the area is surrounded with many trees and greeneries, and it gives me a serene feel whenever I am there.

For the visitors who would like a good look-out to the Clarke Quay area, Fort Canning Park is one place to consider. I took the photo right below while I was strolling along the pathways of Fort Canning Park.

Nature lovers can delight themselves with the several heritage trees that can be found at different parts of the part. Right below is One of the Heritage Trees in the park. It's the Flame of the Forest. The flowers have yet to bloom, else this tree would look pretty colourful.

It felt refreshing to be close to Nature, and back to a place which I had frequently visited when I was younger.

May this post make you feel tempted to take a walk about a park.


Doreen said...

This is a really nice and peaceful place to be. Didn't know Singapore has such a park.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: It is a nice place and it is near a few museums.

pinkie said...

somehow, I always find Fort Canning a creepy place...

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: I suppose it is because of the many graves and burial stones that one can find there?