Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Serene Centre: During my Junior College Days

My secondary school's building was previously located fairly near Serene Centre and so I had the pleasure to spend some memorable times there.

In some ways, it was a rather conscious choice for me to eventually study in a Junior College near my secondary school. That probably explains why I still occasionally get to visit Serene Centre during the times when I was a Junior College student.

To get to Serene Centre from my Junior College, I would need to take a bus. Serene Centre is about three bus-stops from my Junior College. I remember visiting Serene Centre several times with one of my friends who was also my classmate back then. The Mac Donalds at Serene Centre was a place where I had spent quite a number of hours studying with my friend.

Honestly, I can't remember what I had studied during those hours spent at the Serene Centre's Mac Donalds. However, I do remember it was the time spent at Serene Centre's Mac Donalds that helped me learn more about what good friendship is about: to be there for one's friends, in good times and bad.

It was those interesting times with friends that made my growing-up years as a Junior College student much more bearable. Those were also the years when I fold countless origami and doodle on most of my lecture notes. I am thankful that I have positive memories of those days thanks to my friends.

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