Wednesday, December 01, 2010

14 Nov 2010: Beautiful Watsons Bay

14 Nov 2010 (Sun):

My dearest friend, RL, was very thoughtful to pick up that I would like a visit to Watsons Bay and she planned for a trip there. I had visited parts of Watsons Bay about two years ago and I enjoyed its scenic landscapes. In the company of good friends, where I was did not matter as much. I was very delighted and grateful to enjoy both the company of good friends and the beautiful landscapes of Watsons Bay on 14 Nov 2010. Watsons Bay has this interesting charm. It is both awesome and tranquil.

We took a stroll from the lovely yellow-colour building, Dunbar House, to the Sydney Harbour Nature Park, Gap Bluff. I was proud of myself to be able to manage the climb and the walk up to the higher end of The Gap Bluff. I was treated to an awesome view. Imagine being on the top of the cliff admiring the crashing wavers, the views of the ocean and the distant landscapes. I was inspired by the works of Nature.

Under such fine weather and the company of good friends, I think I could spend hours at Watsons Bay. It was simply beautiful, without being overwhelming.

While at Watsons Bay, I thought of one of my friends, XS, who was the first person to visit Watsons Bay with me two years ago. May she be blessed with beauty and happiness wherever she is.

Similarly, I wish my dear friend, RL, happiness and love. Many thanks to RL and her fiance for taking me to Watsons Bay. It is one of my favourite places in Sydney.

People and moments that I am grateful for::

  • A very thoughtful and intuitive friend in RL who took me to just the very place that I would wish to visit in Sydney for this trip. Thank you very much, RL.
  • RL's fiance for making time to drive us to Watsons Bay and for being a wonderful host. He helped me take a number of photographs.
  • A visit to Watsons Bay to enjoy the marvels of Nature.
  • A lovely weather to be thankful for.

One new thing that I did:
  •  I saw Manly at North Head from The Gap. I learnt a bit about the South Head and the North Head (which is at Manly). The Gap sits nicely between the South Head and the North Head. The names of the various natural structures gave me a sense of the poetic capacity of the people in this part of the world.


tuti said...

there's this air of peace that i find in your writings these days. i am happy for you. you deserve it.

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you for looking out for me, Tuti.