Saturday, December 18, 2010

16 Nov 2010: Once again, the beautiful Watsons Bay

16 Nov 2010 (Tue):

From Circular Quay to Watsons Bay: that was my first ferry ride during my vacation in Sydney for the year 2010. The breeze onboard the ferry was refreshing. I was enjoying every bit of the ride.

While I was on the ferry, my camera and its pouch fell more than twice. Thank goodness the pouch offered good protection to the camera.

Soon enough, the ferry reached Watsons Bay wharf. The sunlight during spring had a very welcoming quality. I was greeted by the seagulls and the tranquil waters. I walked leisurely along the beach admiring the sceneries. As I walked near a rocky part of the beach, I heard a loud sound. My camera had fell from the pouch! I picked up the camera and found that the LCD (liquid crystal display) screen had broke. I could possibly still take photographs with the camera but I could not see the images of the photographs that I had taken. I was disoriented for a split second. Interestingly and thank goodness, unlike some of the times in the past when unexpected events of loss happened, I did not feel upset or angry. I was simply shakened for a brief while. I wonder if this meant that I have advanced in my level of emotional management?

I decided that whatever happened, I shall be a happy tourist enjoying my vacation. I did a few sketches at Watsons Bay. Sketching was therapeutic in that somehow, it shifted my attention to admiring the beauty that Watsons Bay has to offer.

I did have a question on my mind. With the damaged camera, what would be the best thing to do? The  options I had in mind were as follow:
1) Sketch for the rest of the trip!
2) Buy a new camera.
3) Continue to use the damaged camera. While the LCD screen had broke, with the help of the view-finder, I could still take photographs with it. It was just that I can't see how the photographs turn out on the camera.

I had wanted to travel to Rose Bay. Yet with the damaged camera, I decided it would be a wiser choice to return to Circular Quay and find out where I could find a new camera. I sent my friend, RL, a text message when I reached Circular Quay. The unexpectedly good news came. My dear friend generously offered to lend me her camera. I was told that in Sydney, cameras are more expensive and there are limited choices. So I gave up on my plan to buy a new camera in Sydney. The next step was to learn to accept the gracious help from a friend. I thank RL for trusting me with her precious camera.

Here is a post of gratitude to remind myself to give thanks to the good things that come along even when some things may go wrong, and to celebrate the beauty of Watsons Bay.


People and moments that I am grateful for:
1) My friend, RL, graciously and generously gave me a loan of her camera when mine broke.
2) I am thankful for the beautiful sceneries that Watsons Bay has to offer.
3) My camera broke, yet it was still able to take photographs with the help of the view-finder.
Personally, I like Kodak cameras for its durability.

4) I am thankful that I have advanced in my management of emotions such that I remained in a balanced emotional state even when my camera broke unexpectedly.
5) I am thankful for the good weather.
6) Despite a broken camera, I am safe and alive!

New things that I did:
1) I travelled to Watsons Bay on a ferry for the first time in my life!
2) I did my first sketch of Watsons Bay on 16 Nov 2010.

My learning points:
1) Things may go wrong, we can still choose to take things at our stride and resolve the matter in positive ways.
2) The universe has a loving way to help us. There are times when the task at hand is to learn to be willing to accept help when it comes. This takes humility many of the times.
3) Pay attention. Sometimes, there are clues that give us early warning? I could be more careful with my camera when it kept falling down while I was on the ferry ride to Watsons Bay.

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tuti said...

glad you are well.
that is the most important thing.

kyh said...

If my camera broke on me, it'd mean a disaster to me! Mine has no viewfinder summore! And I don't think I'd ever have the mood to enjoy my trip after that! Yikes!

eastcoastlife said...

Your camera was broken but your spirit wasn't. Watsons Bay is such a lovely place, glad that you enjoyed yourself. Love your sketch though.

Jammie J. said...

You have a good friend.

You also have really excellent sketching skills. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Tuti: Yes, I agree. I'm happy to be alive.

kyh: Looks like you are a photography die-hard. ;)

EastCoastLife: Thank you for your compliments. Watsons Bay is very lovely indeed, and I have had enjoyed myself.

Jammie: Yes, I am thankful for my friend, and many other good friends.

Thank you for your compliments. That put a smile on my face. :)