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16 Nov 2010: The peaceful Milsons Point

16 Nov 2010, Thu:

Learning to go with the flow presents one with wonderful blessings. I let go of the obsession to visit Rose Bay and in return, I was treated to a memorable visit to the tranquil and peaceful Milsons Point with a wonderful friend. I was very happy with my choice. Many thanks to my dear friend, RL, for the extra mile that she took to walk me to Milsons Point. I felt touched by her kind and generous gesture.

The view of the Harbour Bridge from Milsons Point was awesome. I later found out that "Milsons Point was named after James Milson (1785-1872), a free settler originally from Lincolnshire who settled in the then-almost uninhabited district in 1824. " (Source: wikipedia).

It was comparatively quieter at Milsons Point than at Circular Quay. I welcomed the opportunity to view the Harbour Bridge from another perspective different from that when I was looking from Circular Quay. One thing that I appreciate about Milsons Point was its general ambience of peace and tranquility. I like the greenery there too.The view of sunset was beautiful from Milsons Point. It was a very wonderful place to spend time reflecting. I think I could have fell in love with it.

My friend and I spotted an interesting looking toilet. It was not that we needed the toilet, I was simply amazed by the interesting features of the modern looking toilet in the middle of Milsons Point. I suppose that was a sign to tell me that Milsons Point was a place that was way ahead of its time? Whatever it is, I hope that decades later, Milsons Point will continue to be beautiful and tranquil.

More wonderful than the beautiful scenery at Milsons Point was the precious opportunity to catch up with one of my good friends. Beside a great chat, I fondly remember the simple joy of reading a Chinese book out aloud to my dear friend. It was something I don't usually do. I read, though I seldom read Chinese books out aloud. I did not know that simple things like reading out aloud to a friend could bring such delight and pleasure. I was glad to be reminded of the power of the simple things in our lives.

When it was time to part with my friend, I continued to spend some time at Milsons Point to sketch. I was more productive in sketching in a foreign land than in my own country. I suppose my body is urging me to slow down my pace of life and to treat myself to new experiences.

When it was late evening, I headed to the nearby wharf. I had no idea how I could get myself back to the hotel. Somehow, I had learnt to be more trusting of life. I had a trust that somehow I could figure things out. With some help, I finally figured out which would be the ferry that I could take to Circular Quay. While waiting for the ferry, I was acquainted with a lady from Malaysia. She was waiting for a ferry so as to get to Circular Quay and then to head to the Sydney Opera House to catch a dance performance. I hope she had caught the performance in time.

That night, I had dinner at Cha For Tea nearby Goulburn Street. Afterwhich, I visited Coles the supermarket to buy some light snack for the next day.

16 Nov 2010 was a good day and I have had fun with my spontaneous get-away as a tourist.

People and moments that I am grateful for:
1) I thank my dear friend for her precious company at Milsons Point, and the extra mile that she had went to accompany me to Milsons Point.
2) I was grateful for the wonderful scenery at Milsons Point.
3) I was grateful for a chance to be of some service to a friend by delighting her with my reading of a Chinese book. That helped me practise reading in Chinese too.

New things that I did:
1) I visited Milsons Point for the very first time.
2) I learnt to take a ferry from Milsons Point to Circular Quay without any guide book to rely on.

My learning points:
1) Make time to share time with friends and family, this is precious.
2) Going with the flow and letting go have their blessings.
3) Trust the process of life to bring us where we need to be.
4) Walk the extra mile. This action in itself brings positive effects to its recipients.

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