Saturday, November 19, 2011

Assisi: The beauty of a medieval town

Assisi during sunset.

Assisi is a beautiful medieval town in the Umbria region, Central Italy. Assisi appears to be closely associated with Saint Francis, who was born Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone. He was an Italian Catholic friar and preacher who founded the Franciscan religious order in Assisi in 1208.

San Francis Basilica

St Francis is buried at the site of the Basilica di San Francesco that is located in Assisi. The basilica that begun in 1228 is one of the great Christian shrines. A great number of pilgrims visit the basilica throughout the year. At the Basilica, one will find the tomb of St Francis in the crypt.

It appears that lovers of frescoes will delight in the visual treasures that they will see at this Basilica.
  • The frescoes by Lorenzetti is worth admiring. The Deposition (1323) is based around the truncated Cross. Interestingly, the composition of The Deposition leads the viewers to focus their attention on the figure of Christ.
  • Giotto's frescoes consisting of 28 panels depict the life of St Francis (c. 1290 - 1295).
  • Cappella di San Martino's frescoes on the Life of St Martin (1315) is yet another set of frescoes that is one of the star features of the Basilica.
Architecturally wise, visitors could take notice that the rose window of the facade reflected the styles of early Italian Gothic. This Basilica is often visited by pilgrims.

The place to get souvenirs from Assisi is possibly the gift-shop found within St Francis Basilica. Sales proceeds from the sale of souvenirs from this very gift-shop will be used to fund the running of the St Francis Basilica.

St Mary of the Angels

Situated in the plain at the foot of the hill of Assisi is the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli (St Mary of the Angels). It was constructed in the Mannerist style of architecture by architects Galeazzo Alessi and Vignola. This style of architecture prefigured the theatrical Baroque style.

The statue at the top of St Mary of the Angels.
This was taken by my friend and travel companion.

The ambience of St Mary of the Angels is peaceful and tranquil.

Piazza del Comune
Situated in the city of the city of Assisi, this square is the social, cultural and political centre of Assisi. Make time to admire the Foro Romano (Roman forum), the Torre del Popolo (Tower of the People, Minerva's Temple (Temple of Minerva) and the fountain built by Giovanni Martinucci in 1762.

Via Portica
This street leads to St Francis Basilica. It is a beautiful street, especially in the evening.

Assisi is a tranquil medieval town. There, I have experienced a sense of peace. It is a place with good vibes.

DK Eyewitness Travel: Italy. (2011)


kyh said...

definitely a charming little town, with a rich history to match.

sometimes small towns have more allure than big dizzying cities.

eastcoastlife said...

It has such charms. Wish I could live in such a place for a while and experience the lifestyle.

oceanskies79 said...

kyh: I agree with you that small towns at times have more allure.

EastCoastLife: May you have a chance to visit this place.

camere assisi said...

It is indeed a very beautiful place or town. Every corner of that place is fascinating and have a breathtaking views. I want to visit that place again.