Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Assisi: The memorable Roseo Hotel Assisi

One of the hotels that had left a very positive impression on me was the Roseo Hotel Assisi.

At the hotel, we enjoyed a most sumptuous and memorable buffet dinner. I particularly like the following items from the buffet: hazelnut parfait, risotto, peas and potatoes. Many thanks to our wonderful tour manager who had got a complimentary bottle of red wine for our group to share.

The hotel's lobby was nicely decorated. At the roof top, one can enjoy a nice view of Assisi. Great hospitality, good vibes and scenic views, all these have made the stay at Roseo Hotel Assisi memorable.

View from Roseo Hotel Assisi.
Taken by my friend who was on the tour with me.

Roseo Hotel Assisi
Via Giovanni Renzi 2
06081 Assisi

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