Monday, September 24, 2012

Pancakes delight at Batter Fluffy Flaps

Juicy Beefy Patty, from Batter Fluffy Flap.

Thanks to one of my friends, JY, I was introduced to yet another food establishment in Singapore that was new to me! We headed for our mini adventure at 89 East Coast Road, #01-01 on a Friday evening. The food establishment has an interesting name called Batter Fluffy Flap (BFF). It is a place for pancakes and various beverages.

I was particularly impressed by the interior decor of the place. Although the style of the interior design at Batter Fluffy Flaps did not suit my preferences, I thought that it was thoughtfully done to make the place inviting and welcoming for guests to catch up with their friends over pancakes and beverages. As its name may suggest, it is not just a place for fluffy pancakes, it is a place to chill with Best Forever Forever or Best Family Forever.

The mascot.

The center of attraction at Batter Fluffy Flaps appear to be the adorable looking sheep mascot. I could not help but take photographs of it from various angles. While I was there, I observed that a number of the guests would find time to pose with one of the images of the sheep mascot.

Batter Fluffy Flaps reminded me instantly of Pancakes on the Rocks that I had visited in Sydney. I have written about my visit to Pancakes on the Rocks here: Breakfast at Pancakes on the Rocks. It caught me by pleasant surprise to realize from an article on after my visit to Batter Fluffy Flaps that the founder of Batter Fluffy Flaps "during a visit to Australia, ...was surprised to see queues of people outside the Pancakes on the Rocks restaurant in Sydney. It convinced her to try and fill the void in the pancake market in Singapore..."

When I was at Batter Fluffy Flap, I chose to order one of the signature savoury pancake dishes. Please take note that the savoury pancakes from BFF would usually take about 15 minutes to serve. The sweet pancakes, however, seem to require less time to serve. My dear friend ordered another signature savoury pancake dish from the menu.

Mushroom and Tiger Prawns. Batter Fluffy Flaps.

Generally, the portions are adequate. I felt satisfied and full after eating my meal. I had the Juicy Beefy Patty. The savoury taste of the beef patty, sliced cheese and egg blended harmoniously well with the lightly sweet fluffy pancakes. I would like it better if the pancakes could be served warmer than it was. That way, the butter would nicely melt on the pancakes.

BFF Signature Caramel Date.

The BFF Signature Caramel Date is worth a try. Even though I am no coffee lover, I could attest to the fact that the fragrance from the caramel syrup was heavenly that I gladly finished my entire cup of BFF Signature Caramel Date.

In conclusion, the ambience at Batter Fluffy Flap makes it a cozy place to chill with friends and family members. I would be open to visit Batter Fluffy Flap again. As for the pancakes, I am very biased and would prefer the pancakes from Pancakes on the Rocks at Sydney! Then again, until I find pancakes as good as the ones from Pancakes on the Rocks at Sydney, I am willing to consider a visit to Batter Fluffy Flap if I have a very strong craving for savoury pancakes. I am personally not keen on sweet pancakes, so I shall give these a good miss.

Pancake lovers, if you have tried the pancakes from Batter Fluffy Flaps, I would be keen to hear your views.

Batter Fluffy Flaps
89 East Coast Rd
Tel: 6440 7071

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Aldora Muses said...

I happen to pop into the café recently as the kiddy décor was too hard to resist! But we were glad we did as it was overall a very pleasant experience (:

Please do check out my version of the review @ soon!