Thursday, September 01, 2005

Back "Home"

Farewell to temporary rehearsal venues. I must have had no the best experience with temporary rehearsal venues.

I remember a day of frustrating and unnecessary waiting when we used one of the temporary rehearsal venues for the very first time. And then the next time we used another temporary rehearsal venue, we ended up with what I described as a mobilisation exercise.

Then I experience upsetting moments on two occasions. On one, the double bass post was knocked off from position. On the other, one double bass' bridge was knocked out of position. Then there was a crazy experience of searching around to ensure sufficient double bass for rehearsal when another group took most of the double basses away for a rehearsal.

Not forgetting, one of the temporary rehearsal venues has such poor air, I felt as if my life would end because of intense coughing due to poor air.

It is not that I have never met with adversities and difficult situations in the permanent rehearsal venue, but I suppose I might have been lessing forgiving when put in unfamiliar and quite cramped places.

I wrote about saying temporary parting words to our regular rehearsal venue just before it went under renovation. I guess parting has not been easy, at least for myself many of the times.

So yesterday, when I went back, it felt as if I was back to my rehearsing "home". The place where I spend many years rehearsing in.

However only the auditorium and one of the studios are ready for use. Most of the other studios are still under renovation. Yet, I shall look forward to the completion of the renovation.

The auditorium sounds more "echo-ish" than before. Does anyone know if we can adjust it to make it less "echo-ish"?

Anyway, last evening we rehearsed the Butterfly Lovers Concerto, Mendelssohn's Fingals Cave, fourth movement from Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony, Dance of the Yao. If you like to listen to these works, please do come and attend our outdoor concert this coming Saturday. Details are found here.

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Simple American said...

I believe drapes and styrofoam strategically placed can cut down on echoes.