Monday, August 04, 2008

The first teddy-bear I've made

Unusually, I have been doing spring-cleaning. I suppose a part of me wanted to tidy up the clutter that are found behind the wardrobes and drawers. While doing some tidying up on 3 Aug 2008, I came across the very first teddy-bear of this size and design that I have made.

I had made it after my 'A' levels examinations. There was no classes after 'A' levels examinations and I was comparatively less in touch with many of my friends. Making teddy bear became a temporary past-time to fill in the void. I have made smaller teddy-bears of simpler designs before this teddy-bear. However, the teddy bear that you see in this post was the very first teddy-bear I have made that has a more complex design. I didn't come up with the design, I merely follow the instructions from a teddy-bear-making craft-book.

This teddy bear has ears so that it can listen. I think it is quite an imperfectly perfect bear. Somehow, although I had ran out of green cloth and ended up using another fabric to make part of its face, the effect was interestingly pleasing. It somehow made the bear seem as if it could wink its left eye. After it was done, I had intended to give it as a gift to one of my good friends. However, there was no opportunity to do so back then. A decade later, it is still with me. I doubt I would give it as a gift to this same friend. It didn't seem appropriate to give a gift that was meant to be given a decade ago, did it?

The teddy-bear was intended to bring some cheers to my friend. Even if I do not think it is appropriate to give this teddy-bear anymore, the thoughts and intention still stand. I wish this friend of mine happiness and joy.

By the way, my memory needs some patching. I can't remember what name I had affectionately given this teddy bear. Anyway, I somehow like its sincere, unpretentious look. Do you?

After this bear, I have made at least two other teddy-bears of similar size which I had given to two of my friends. Hopefully they would like them somehow.


mistipurple said...

i like imperfect perfections.
the bear is as endearing as you.

Anonymous said...

The imperfection is what makes it perfect! Adorable!

Jammie J. said...

It may be imperfect (although it looks wonderful to me), but your sweet intentions are what makes it so special. Well, any gift special, really.

I love the teddy bear. :)

Doreen said...

Agree with cc, and the imperfection is what makes it unique too. The bear has it's own character. Nice!

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Thanks. :)
Tell you a secret, I did a rather imperfect job stitching this bear at the neck area. Hence I had to include a scarf around the neck of the teddy-bear to cover up the imperfection.

cc: Cheers to imperfection. This being my first teddy-bear, it is special.

Jammie: It is a special teddy bear. :)

Doreen: I like its apparent character too.

crazycat said...

there is nothing perfect in this world :D I kinda like the idea of spring cleaning and finding something that trigger some old memories...

eastcoastlife said...

*gasp* Oh my! You made this teddy bear! It's so cute and it is really a good effort on your first try. Well done!

Can give to me if you really want to give it away? :P

oceanskies79 said...

Crazy Cat: A happy belated birthday! Strangely, while I don't enjoy being near the dust during spring cleaning, like you've said, finding old items somehow trigger the fond memories of the past.

eastcoastlife; I had done very simple and much smaller teddy bears before this, but those were really simple ones. I haven't been making teddy bears for slightly less than a decade already!

I'm sorry, I'll keep the bear for now, and would probably only give it to the intended recipient if I can overcome my sense of inadequacies for making this imperfect first teddy bear.