Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Deeply thankful, and I say thanks.

I am feeling deeply thankful, and I would like to say "Thanks".

Today has been an eventful day.
I was put to challenge by events out of my daily routine.
I am thankful that I have acted with enthusiasm
Despite the trials that Life has presented to help me grow stronger and wiser.

I am thankful for a humble chance
To be of some service to a good friend of mine.
And through the experience,
I have learnt
That when life is lived with enthuasiasm,
Every moment is worth living for
No matter what the outcome may be.

I am thankful to learn that there are kind souls in this world
Who will lend kindness when it is needed.
Who dutifully serve.
My thanks to them.

My thanks to the taxi driver whose vehicle was right in front of another taxi
He stopped by, but when I told him my destination,
He told me it's too far and he refused to take me there.
For that, I missed flagging the taxi that was right behind his taxi
I thank him for pointing to me a precious learning point,
That when one is not prepared to commit to a task at hand,
One oughts to give clear indication that one is not,
And be mindful not to give mixed signals.
Mixed signals often make oneself and others lose precious time.
It was just a brief moment with this driver,
How interesting that he had somehow got me to learn something important.

I thank the taxi driver who eventually took me to my destination
He dedicated himself to drive me where I want to be
Safely and as fast as possible
He even taught me routes that would help me
Avoid most of the peak-hour jams

I thank my senior colleague
For granting me urgent half-day leave
Within such short notice
I appreciate her prompt action and kindness

I have a client to thank
For agreeing to reschedule a meeting
It may seem a simple gesture
Yet it has helped me in significant ways

I thank another colleague of mine
For helping to notify me when my phone rang
Otherwise I may have missed that important call
Every second do count

Life can be sweet
To add some simple pleasures
To bring cheers to the tired soul
After completing my task at hand,
I saw lovely works of art
That are full of inspirations, made with love and care.

I thank many people
For being so lovely to send me greetings and wishes
Via Facebook and MSN
They have made my life brighter with their thoughtful wishes.

I say "Thanks" once again.
I am humbled.
I have learnt a lot today.
Life has been gracious.

I wish you safety and happiness.
Life is gracious.


mistipurple said...

i am humbled by your positive outlook to life.
i wish you strength on your journey.

eastcoastlife said...

I'm happy to see you count your blessings every day. :)

Doreen said...

life is full of surprise and opportunities but only when we grabbed them with open hands and hearts then we could enjoy the precious moments in life.

oceanskies79 said...

Mistipurple: I am more humbled by the many learnings that one can gained simply by opening one's mind and heart to Life.

Eastcoastlife: Thank you eastcoastlife. Wishing you good blessings.

Doreen: Yes, an open heart and arms can help us enjoy the precious moments. Wishing you enthusiasm.